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The Chautauqua Sports Hall of Fame has a collection of DVD's chronicling sports in Chautauqua County, the Hall of Fame inductees and interviews with sports personalities. They are available for viewing by visitors at the hall. Below is a list of these DVD's with some selected excerpts.

Greg Peterson has posted many videos of interest to Chautauqua County sports enthusiasts on his YouTube channel. A sampling is available on our Sports Videos page for your enjoyment.

Video clips courtesy of Greg Peterson.

  1. #22 Carl Erskine
    HUGH BEDIENT: The story of the Jamestown area native who pitched for the Boston Red Sox in the 1912 World Series.

  2. BLACK BASEBALL IN CELORON: The story of black baseball teams who played at Celoron Park in 1895 and 1898.

  3. BABE RUTH AT CELORON: The story of the Babe's 1921 barnstorming appearance at Celoron Park.

  4. BILLY WEBB: The story of the manager of the Spiders, a 1914-1934 semi-pro baseball team that played at Celoron Park.

  5. GREG MULLEAVY, JR.: An interview with the movie star son of the former second baseman and manager of the 1941-1942 Jamestown Falcons and later coach and scout for the Dodgers.

  6. JAKE PITLER: The story of the manager of the Olean Oilers, the archrival team of the Jamestown Falcons in the 1940's PONY League.

  7. JACK GALLAGHER: An interview with the first batboy of the Jamestown Falcons.

  8. JOHN POLLOCK: An interview with the catcher for the 1939, 1941, and 1946 Jamestown Falcons.

  9. FRANK HELLER: An interview with the first baseman of the 1940-1941 Jamestown Falcons.

  10. JOHN NEWMAN: The story of the outfielder and "Babe Ruth" of the 1940-1942 Jamestown Falcons.

  11. JOHN O'NEIL: An interview with the 1941 shortstop and 1954 player/manager of the Jamestown Falcons.

  12. LYLE PARKHURST: An interview with "Lefty", the 1942, 1944-1945 Jamestown Falcons pitcher.

  13. WORLD WAR II and the FALCONS: Interviews with former Falcons players and Vince McNamara, PONY League president regarding the war and baseball.

  14. JERRY KLEIN: The story of the bus driver, trainer, and clubhouse manager of the 1955-1964 Jamestown minor league baseball teams.

  15. BOB PAYNE, CHARLIE PANEBIANCO & TOM WEAKLEY: Remembrances of a scoreboard operator, a batboy, and a renowned storyteller regarding the 1940's Jamestown Falcons.

  16. CANDID CAMERA: The story of Peter Funt 's 1990 TV stunt at College Stadium that "caught" Jamestown Expo pitcher Bob Baxter and radio announcers Pete Hubbell and Skip Pierce..

  17. KEVYN ADAMS: 2002 and 2006 interviews with the NHL player who summers in Bemus Point.

  18. AL TAYLOR & DANNY CARNEVALE: Interviews with the pitcher and manager of the best Falcons team ever, the 1953 squad.

  19. #37 Sparky Lyle
    BOB PAYNE: An interview with the scoreboard operator of the 1940s Falcons.

  20. FRANK WREN: An interview with the baseball executive of the Expos, Marlins, Orioles and Braves concerning his years with the Jamestown Expos.

  21. JIM ROSELLE: An interview with the voice of WJTN radio and long-time baseball fan.

  22. CARL ERSKINE: An interview with the 1948-1958 Brooklyn/LA Dodgers all-star pitcher.

  23. DENNIS HULL: An interview with the former Chicago Blackhawks all-star left winger.

  24. SCOTT MCGREGOR: An interview with the former Baltimore Orioles all-star pitcher.

  25. JIM McCUSKER: An interview with the former football star at JHS and Pitt who played seven years in the NFL.

  26. #41 Phil Niekro
    BOB RYAN, KEN ROWE & PAUL SNYDER: Baseball related interviews with the Boston Globe sportswriter, the former MLB pitcher with the Dodgers and the Atlanta Braves super scout.

  27. JIM RIGGS & SCOTT KINDBERG: An interview with the sports editor and assistant sports editor of the Post-Journal about baseball in Jamestown.

  28. PAT DAUGHERTY: An interview with the manager of the Jamestown Expos from 1977-1981 and 1990.

  29. DAN LUNETTA (PART 1): An interview with the Jamestown Expos general manager 1982-1984.

  30. DAN LUNETTA (PART2): The continuation of the interview with the Florida Marlins Director of Minor League Operations.

  31. RUSS DIETHRICK: An insightful biographical interview with Jamestown's "Mr. Baseball".

  32. ANDY ETCHEBARREN: An interview with the former all-star catcher of the Baltimore Orioles and manager of the Aberdeen IronBirds.

  33. PHIL GRAVINK: An interview with the Clymer-born rower whose 1956 Cornell team won the Royal Henley Regatta in London.

  34. DANNY CARNEVALE & CY WILLIAMS: Interviews with a pair of fifty-year baseball men who served as scouts for the Indians and Tigers.

  35. MIKE MORDECAI (PART1): An interview with the man who went from being the minor-league manager of the Jammers to a major-league player with the Marlins in the same year, 2005.

  36. MIKE MORDECAI (PART2): A continuation of the interview with the ten-year MLB player.

  37. SPARKY LYLE: The former Yankee relief pitcher and Cy Young winner speaks at the 1996 Chautauqua Sports Hall of Fame banquet.

  38. CARMEN BASILO: The former world welterweight and middleweight boxing champion speaks at the 1996 Chautauqua Sports Hall of Fame banquet.

  39. BOB PETERSON: An interview with the author of the definitive book on Negro League baseball and black ballplayers Only the Ball was White.

  40. ROB RAY: An interview with the former Buffalo Sabres tough guy and hockey broadcaster.

  41. PHIL NIEKRO & THE SILVER BULLETS: An interview with the MLB Hall of Fame knuckleball pitcher and manager of a women's professional baseball team.

  42. ALAN TRAMMELL: An interview with the former Detroit Tigers shortstop, World Series MVP, and manager.

  43. #46 Maury Wills
    EDWARD "ABE" ABRAMOSKI: An interview with the former trainer of the Buffalo Bills for thirty-seven years.

  44. CAROL HEISS & HAYES JENKINS: Interviews with the 1960 and 1956 Olympic gold medal winners in women's and men's figure skating.

  45. RUSSELL DIETHRICK STADIUM: The dedication ceremony for the refurbished former College Stadium named in honor of Jamestown's "Mr. Baseball".

  46. MAURY WILLS, TUG McGRAW, STEVE BLASS, MANNY SANGUILLEN & PETE ROSE: Interviews with five former MLB greats on the recollections of their careers in the NY-P League.

  47. KEVYN ADAMS: An interview with the NHL hockey player reflecting on his Stanley Cup season with the Carolina Hurricanes.

  48. JOHN JACHYM: An interview with the owner of the Jamestown Falcons from 1945-1948.

  49. WARNER FUSSELLE: An interview with the voice of the TV broadcast "This Week in Baseball" and the announcer for the Brooklyn Cyclones.

  50. #46 Steve Blass
    CHAUTAUQUA INSTITUTION BASEBALL: The story of those notable individuals who once played baseball at Chautauqua Institution.

  51. NEIL ALLEN: An interview with the former New York Mets pitcher and current NY- P League pitching coach.

  52. TAYLOR TANKERSLEY: An interview with the former Jammers and Florida Marlins player, including his first pro game.

  53. BO PORTER: An interview with the former MLB player and Jammers manager.

  54. BILL MONBOUQUETTE: An interview with the former Boston RedSox pitcher who threw two no-hitters.

  55. #51 Neil Allen
    LARRY FELSER: An interview with the Buffalo News sportswriter.

  56. ANDY ETCHEBARREN: An interview with the former Baltimore Oriole catcher and NY-P League manager.

  57. JACK MCKEON: An interview with the Florida Marlins skipper and oldest manager in World Series history.

  58. TONY PEREZ: An interview with the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Famer and Florida Marlins coach.

  59. HOWARD JOHNSON & BOB OJEDA: Interviews with the two former New York Mets players and Brooklyn Cyclones managers.

  60. EDDIE FEIGNER: An interview with the legendary pitcher of the King and his Court softball team.

  61. #61 Tommy John
    TOMMY JOHN: An interview with the former New York Yankee pitcher during his appearance at the Chautauqua Sports Hall of Fame banquet in 2002.

  62. DONN CLENDENNON: An interview with the former MLB player with the Mets and Pirates and a member of the 1957 Jamestown Falcons.

  63. VAN MILLER, STEVE TASKER, AL BEMILLER: Interviews with the former broadcaster and two players of the Buffalo Bills at a Dunkirk reception.

  64. TIM RAINES: An interview with the former Montreal Expos star and NY-P League coach.

  65. ANDRE DAWSON: An interview with the former Expos and Cubs star while a coach in Jamestown.

  66. THE HAIRCUT AT DIETHRICK PARK: Interviews with Gabby Sanchex, Chris Volstad, Josh Johnson, and Erick Reed of the Jamestown Jammers and Florida Marlins who were involved in a unique experiment in Jamestown.

  67. CARL ERSKINE: A Jim Roselle interview with the former Brooklyn Dodgers star pitcher.

  68. JAMESTOWN JAMMERS 1994: Highlights of the Jammers 1994 season including its playoff game.

  69. DARIN EVERSON: A 2007 interview with the Jamestown Jammers manager.

  70. TAYLOR TANKERSLEY: An interview with the Florida Marlins prospect about his first days in pro baseball.

  71. GOOSE GOSSAGE: An interview with the Yankee Hall of Famer and his speech at the Chautauqua Sports Hall of Fame dinner in February 2007.

  72. FRED MARSH: An interview with the former St. Louis Browns player who lived in Corry, PA about baseball in the 1940s and 50s.

  73. ST. LOIUS BROWNS: Films featuring Walter Brown of Bemus Point and the Browns, Sidney Wallach announcer, and Dick Ressler catcher in the Browns farm system.

  74. LLOYD MOORE: An interview and personal movies of one of NASCAR racing early pioneers.

  75. KYLE WINTER & JACOB BLACKWOOD: Interview with the Jammers and Florida Marlins pitchers during their time in Jamestown.

  76. STEVE CHRISTIE: An interview with the former Buffalo Bills kicker.

  77. #77 Larry Doby
    LARRY DOBY: An interview with the former Cleveland Indians star.

  78. ROLL-O-BOWL: Racing highlights of the 50's era jalopy race track from the Budd Yeager collection.

  79. BRANCH RICKEY: Professor Richard Chalberg in character on Branch Rickey at Chautauqua Institution.

  80. KENT BOTTENFIELD: An interview with the St. Louis Cardinals pitcher and preacher during a visit to Jamestown.

  81. JOHN PIERSON: An interview with the Florida Marlins pitching instructor and well-known speaker during a visit to Jamestown.

  82. JIM FLEMING: An interview with the Director of Minor League Operations for the Florida Marlins during a visit to Jamestown.

  83. BRIAN CHATTIN: An interview with the Florida Marlins Executive Vice President for player development during a trip to Jamestown.

  84. BASEBALL RADIO: Highlights of baseball on the radio in Jamestown with Jim Roselle and Jerry Erickson.

  85. JIM KELLY: An interview with former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly and his speech at the February 2008 Chautauqua Sports Hall of Fame banquet.

  86. #86 Kyle Petty
    KYLE PETTY: An interview with NASCAR driver Kyle Petty and his speech at the December 2006 Chautauqua Sports Hall of Fame dinner.

  87. ROLL-O-BOWL SPEEDWAY: The 2008 film produced by the Harmony Historical Society that documents the history of the 1950's era dirt track located near Watts Flats and Panama.

  88. GARY ANDERSON: A 2009 interview with the former Syracuse University and Pittsburgh Steelers place kicker.

  89. JIM MATTHEWS: A 2009 interview with the former business manger of the 1939 Jamestown Pirates of the PONY League on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of professional minor league baseball in Jamestown.

  90. SHANE CONLAN: An October 2009 interview with the former Penn State All- American and Buffalo Bills All-Pro linebacker who is also an inductee of the Chautauqua Sports Hall of Fame.

  91. THURMAN THOMAS: A February 2010 interview with the former Buffalo Bills running back and inductee of the National Football League Hall of Fame.

  92. STATELINE SPEEDWAY - THE FIRST TEN YEARS: A 2010 documentary film by Randy Anderson chronicling the construction of Stateline Speedway in Busti, NY and the racing action of the first decade 1956-1965.

  93. CSHOF 2011 BANQUET: Speeches made by Kevyn Adams, 2006 Stanley Cup winner with Carolina Hurricanes, Tyler Myers, 2010 Calder Trophy winner with the Buffalo Sabres, and Karl Webb Gustafson, grandson of 2011 CSHOF inductee Billy "Spider" Webb, at the February 2011 CSHOF induction dinner.

  94. JOHN O'NEIL: A March 2011 interview with the former player of the 1941 Jamestown Falcons, a big leaguer with the Phillies in '46 and who spent 45 years in professional baseball as a player, manager, general manager and scout.

  95. TOMMY LEACH: A four CD set containing the interview of Tommy Leach, a major league baseball player from 1898 to 1915, conducted by Lawrence S. Ritter in 1964, for his book The Glory of Their Times.

  96. JOHN O'NEIL REMEMBERS: A video montage of the life of John O'Neil who was honored in 2011 at the 70th anniversary of Diethrick Park and who was inducted into the Chautauqua Sports Hall of Fame in 2012. This video was prepared by Greg Peterson as a tribute to O'Neil upon his death on April 18, 2012.

  97. 2011 CSHOF INDUCTION BANQUET: Highlights of the 2011 CSHOF Induction Banquet featuring inductees Cathy Farrell, Roger MacTavish, Jim Mee, Billy Webb and Bob Wisniewski. Also shown are guest speakers Tyler Adams and Kevin Adams.

  98. 2012 CSHOF INDUCTION BANQUET: Highlights of the 2012 CSHOF Induction Banquet featuring inductees Betty Bartkowiak, Ben Bishop, Jim McElrath, John O'Neil, Greg Peterson and Bob Schmitt. Also shown is guest speaker Andre Reed.

  99. HUGH BEDIENT DAY: Highlights of the CSHOF sponsored Hugh Bedient Day in Falconer, May 19, 2012. Includes footage of the parade and the Bedient Field dedication ceremonies.

  100. DICK BERARDINO REMEMBERS: An October 20, 2012 interview with 1968-70 Jamestown Falcons coach Dick Berardino, guest speaker at the CSHOF sponsored Hugh Bedient Centennial Celebration Banquet. Russ Diethrick, one of the owners of the Falcons during Berardino's tenure also participated.

  101. JAMESTOWN DUKES REUNION: Interviews of former players of the Jamestown Dukes semi-pro football team at their October 30, 2012 reunion at the CSHOF. The Dukes existed from 1958-1961.

  102. MARION "MUDDY" RIZZO REMEMBERS: An October 12, 1994 interview with Chautauqua Sports Hall of Fame inductee Marion "Muddy" Rizzo.

  103. HARRY MARTENSON REMEMBERS: In a June 1996 interview, CSHOF inductee Harry Martenson reflects on his baseball career. Mentioned are Joe Nagle, Swat Erickson, Hugh Bedient and the Jamestown Old Timers.

  104. ART ASQUITH REMEMBERS: In an October 1994 interview, CSHOF inductee Art Asquith recalls his minor league baseball career with the 1953 Olean Yankees. On the same disc, Don Malmrose tells of being drafted to play at Bradford in the PONY League.

  105. A NIGHT TO REMEMBER: On Aug. 19, 1998, the Jamestown N.Y. sporting community recognized the rich heritage of professional baseball in the Jamestown area with a gala banquet commemorating the release of the book Across the Seams. Speakers include Greg Peterson, David Mule, Mrs. Nellie Fox, Frank Wren, Pat Daugherty, John Jachym, Greg Mulleavy, Jr. and Dan Lunetta.

  106. JIM MCCUSKER REMEMBERS: The former Jamestown High, Pitt and NFL player recalls his career in a March 24, 2011 interview at the Jackson Center. Of special focus was the 1960 NFL Championship won by his Philadelphia Eagles.

  107. JOHN JACHYM - CHAUTAUQUA 1995: An interview with former Jamestown Falcons owner (1945-1948) and CSHoF inductee John Jachym conducted at Chautauqua Institution in 1995.

  108. HERMIE AMES REMEMBERS HUGH BEDIENT: Hermie Ames, son-in-law of Hugh Bedient, is interviewed about Bedient a CSHoF inductee and the hero of the 1912 World Series for the Boston Red Sox .

  109. BRUCE BAUMGARTNER: An interview with the four-time Olympic wrestling medalist at the February 18, 2013 CSHoF Induction Banquet.

  110. 2013 CSHOF INDUCTION BANQUET: Highlights of the 2013 CSHOF Induction Banquet featuring inductees Ron Blackmer, Cal Cederquist, Dan Palmer, Jim Foti, Walt Thurnau, and Jim Young. Also shown is guest speaker Bruce Baumgartner and emcee Jeff Russo.

  111. JIM LORENTZ: An April 23, 2013 interview at the Robert H. Jackson Center with the former Buffalo Sabres player from 1971-1978. He was also a color commentator on TV broadcasts of Sabres games for 26 years working with Ted Darling and Rick Jeanneret.

  112. RALPH MEE: A 1996 interview with Falconer's Ralph Mee, a well-known county baseball pitcher of the 1930s, '40s and '50s. Among the Mee's teams were the 1939 PONY League Jamestown Pirates, Hopes Windows, Steel Partition Bombers and Jamestown Vikings.

  113. OLYMPIC SKATERS IN JAMESTOWN: Clips of performances by 2014 US Olympians Gracie Gold, Ashley Wagner, Jeremy Abbott, Simon Shnapir and Marissa Castelli, Charlie White and Meryl Davies plus Maia and Alex Shibutani at the Jamestown Savings Bank Arena. In addition, this dvd contains Greg Peterson interviews with Olympic ice skaters Hayes Jenkins, Carol Heiss Jenkins, Peggy Fleming, Kristi Yamaguchi, Elvis Stojko, Paul Wylie and Todd Eldredge.

  114. SHARON ROBINSON: A February 17, 2014 interview of Sharon Robinson, daughter of baseball pioneer Jackie Robinson, conducted by Greg Peterson, prior to the 33rd Annual CSHoF Induction Banquet at the Lakewood Rod and Gun Club.

  115. TOM SHARP: An April 1997 interview with former Frewsburg Central School Coach Tom Sharp. Sharp remembers star athlete Shane Conlan.

  116. STEVE BLASS: An April 28, 2014 interview with former Pittsburgh Pirate pitcher Steve Blass conducted at a Jamestown Jammers luncheon in Warren, PA.

  117. DAVE WERNER: A November 1996 interview with former PONY League pitcher Dave Werner who played on the 1948 and 1949 Jamestown Falcons baseball teams. After his pro career was over Dave remained a resident of Jamestown and played for several local squads.

  118. WILLIAM BLACK: An August 19, 2004 interview with Bill Black, a pitcher on the original 1939 Jamestown professional baseball team in the P.O.N.Y. League that played its home games at Celoron Park.

  119. 1987 FIESTA BOWL: This DVD contains the complete 1987 Fiesta Bowl National Championship game between Penn State and Miami. Frewsburg's Shane Conlan led Joe Paterno's Nittany Lions to victory and a perfect 12-0 season.

  120. 1939 JAMESTOWN PIRATES RETROSPECTIVE: This dvd contains interviews with Jim Matthews, John Pollock, William Black, Joe Nalbone, George Goodell, Ralph Mee and Bob Olson about their recollections of the 1939 Jamestown Pirates, the first year of professional minor-league baseball in Jamestown.

  121. JAMMERS LAST GAME RECOLLECTIONS: On September 1, 2014, the Jammers played their final game in Jamestown. On hand to share their recollections of the team were Larry Marvell, Scott Kindberg, Tim Kindberg, Bob Petroline, Bill Schroeder, Dave Hoard and Russ Diethrick.

  122. JEFF KEMP AND GEORGE LILJA: Greg Peterson interviews Jeff Kemp, an 11-year NFL quarterback and the son of former Buffalo Bills quarterback, Jack Kemp, and his 1982 L.A. Rams roommate, George Lilja, a 6-year NFL center, on October 18, 2014 at the Robert H. Jackson Center in Jamestown.

  123. STAN MARSHAUS: A February 2015 interview with former Chautauqua Golf Club professional and director of golf, Stan Marshaus, a 2006 CSHOF inductee.

  124. ERNIE IRVAN: Vignettes from a January 2015 interview with NASCAR legend Ernie Irvan at the Robert H. Jackson Center located in Jamestown N.Y. Ernie recalled some of his competitors, his first win (Bristol (1990)), 1991 Daytona 500 win, 1994 life threatening accident at Michigan, 1997 win at Michigan and other highlights of his career.

  125. LLOYD MOORE: A December 2006 interview with NASCAR pioneer and CSHOF inductee at his Frewsburg, NY home by Greg Peterson. The interview was enhanced with additional material in May 2015.

  126. BUSTI BOBBY: A 2015 film by the Stateline Legacy group (Randy Anderson, Greg Peterson and Randy Sweeney) chronicling the auto racing career of CSHOF inductee Bobby Schnars of Busti, NY.

  127. MATT CASSEL: Vignettes from a July 21, 2015 interview with Buffalo Bills Quarterback Matt Cassel at Ed Shults Chevrolet Cadillac. Matt recently signed with the Bills having previously played with Patriots, Chiefs and Vikings. He talks about his career and life.

  128. MARV LEVY: Vignettes from a June 12, 2015 interview with former Buffalo Bills Head Coach Marv Levy (1986-97). He lead the Bills to four consecutive Super Bowl appearances. He was in Dunkirk N.Y. to attend the Van Miller Golf Tournament hosted by Lake Shore Savings Bank.

  129. VERNONA GOMEZ: Excerpts from an Aug. 17, 2015 interview with Vernona Gomez, daughter of Hall of Famer Lefty Gomez, while attending the 2015 Babe Ruth World Series (13 Year Olds) in Jamestown N.Y. She is also the author of Lefty's biography entitled "Lefty: An American Odyssey".

  130. SULPHUR SPRINGS SPEEDWAY: On April 26, 2015, the Town of Mina and Findley Lake (NY) Historical Societies held a joint event commemorating the vintage dirt racing track known as Sulphur Springs which was located near Findley Lake. The track was developed by Ernie Stetson and ran 1956-59. Here are the event highlights including fans, drivers and family and a special trip to the location of the track on Sulphur Springs Rd.

  131. VINCENT POWERS: The August 2015 National Museum of Horse Racing Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony including Vincent Powers, a CSHOF inductee.

  132. MARK SCHMIDT & JIM CROWLEY: An October 1, 2015 interview with St. Bona Men's Basketball coach Mark Schmidt and St. Bona Women's coach Jim Crowley.

  133. ROCK 'N ROLL SPEEDWAY: On October 25, 2015, the Town of Carroll and Historical Society and the CSHOF held a joint event commemorating the vintage dirt racing track known as Rock 'N Roll Speedway which was located near Frewsburg. The track was developed by Joel Anderson and ran 1956-59. Here are the event highlights including fans, drivers and family and a special trip to the location of the track on Oak Hill Rd.


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