Jim McCusker, Chicago Cards Tackle, Home For Winter

The Post-Journal
By Frank Hyde
December 20, 1958

"The difference," Jim McCusker was saying, "is in the men more than the plays. They're all big and mobile."

McCusker, the former Jamestown High School lineman who moved up to the Chicago Cardinals of the National League via Pittsburgh University, is home for the off season but expects to sign his Cardinal contract for 1959 sometime in March.

"We were very pleased with Jim's play during 1958," head coach Frank Ivy of the Cardinals told The Post-Journal in a telephone conversation shortly before the season closed. "He played a real good offensive game as a rookie and we expect him to improve next season."

Looking For Job

"I’m looking for a job", Jim said yesterday, "now that I have been turned down by the military."

Big Jim suffered a broken wrist during his senior year at Pitt. The bone did not heal properly. He has been called twice, however, for military physicals but has been turned down on both instances, the latest only this week.

"Pro football is a lot of work and a lot of fun - at least I found it that way," McCusker explained. "It's mostly all business, of course, but I was fortunate in that I did not suffer any serious injuries. I did learn and I hope to improve next season."

Cleveland Line Tough

Jim says the Cleveland defensive line was one of the toughest he played against (McCusker is an offensive right tackle) this season, but he's pulling for the New York Giants to down the Browns Sunday in their divisional playoff game. "I guess I am a little partial to the Giants." He declined to make a pick, explaining "they're two fine teams and it could go either way."

McCusker was high on Coach Ivy of the Cardinals. "He's a fine coach. Our defense hurt us. We sure scored a lot of points for a team that lost nine games."

The figures bear Jim out. Actually, the Cards were tied with Pittsburgh for second and third place in points scored in the Eastern Division, each with 261. New York led with 302, Cleveland, in the playoff final against the Giants, had 246; Philadelphia 235, and Washington 214. The Cards, however, gave up 356 points, high for the league.


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